Music Leader: Mrs Priston 




At Moon’s Moat our vision is for children to develop a lifelong love of music and performing arts. Music is a universal language and a unique form of creativity. We feel that music is an important tool for building good mental health and well-being. We want to share with our pupils how music can inspire, motivate, energise, calm and spiritually move us and enrich our lives. We want all children to experience the sense of collaboration, confidence and achievement that making music together can create. We provide extra-curricular musical opportunities such as our KS2 choir that performs at several community events throughout the year, as well as instrumental lessons in collaboration with Severn Arts.



In Music, pupils will learn:

  • To listen to, appreciate and evaluate music from a range of historical periods, cultural settings, genre, styles and traditions
  • About significant composers and musicians
  • To perform together using their voices and instruments
  • To explore the inter-related dimensions of music and compose their own pieces


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