Welcome to Year 4!

 In Year 4 our class teachers are Mrs Beddow (LB) and Mrs Webb (MW) .

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Haynes, Mrs Blake and Mrs Holmes. 


Please click here for a letter regarding Middle School transition arrangements.


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Home Learning


Please find below the links to the Year 4 home learning plans. We will be updating these as we go through the half term.  

You should aim to complete one English, Maths and PE activity each day. We will also add links to other lessons including science and topic activities you can do each week. As well as this, you can keep reading lots and practice your spellings and times tables. Please email us at yearfour@moonsmoat.worcs.sch.uk should you need any further support.

Summer Term 2

Try to work through 1 lesson each day. Don't forget to keep us posted with how you are getting on and send any work you complete to our Year 4 email.


Write a newspaper report- 20 lessons



 Multiplication and division- 20 lessons


Below are some vocabulary word mats that will support you with writing in English.


Fronted adverbials



Sentence starters

Word classes


Summer Term 2 Spellings 

Below are the year 3 and 4 spelling for the whole term. Choose which one you would like to learn. There are less trickier spellings if you find the year 3 and 4 ones a bit challenging. 


Year 4 spellings

Year 3 spellings

Less tricky spellings 


Club Maths

Below are the Club Maths worksheets if you would like to keep practising at home. Remember to try and answer as many questions as you can in 5 minutes. 


Club 22

Club 33

Club 44

Club 55

Club 66

Club 77

Club 88

Club 99

Club Bronze

Club Silver




 PE Activities

Try to complete 1 PE activity each day to try and stay active. Joe Wicks is doing PE with Joe live on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

1. Complete a Joe Wicks workout on YouTube.

2. See how many star jumps you can do in 2 minutes. How many more can you do in 5 minutes?

Repeat with knee taps.

3. Get moving with a GoNoodle dance on YouTube. 4. Complete a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure 5. Complete a Kidz BOP dance along video on YouTube.

Extra videos:

Jumpstart Johnny

Maths quizzes with exercises

Wake and shake games  


Fitness challenges  

Become a champion and beginners boxing   



Science -  

Ecosystems- 6 lessons

Topic- Sustainability

What is sustainability? 6 lessons



 Lesson 1- Research Andy Goldsworthy and his artwork. 

Lesson 2- Create a recycling poster.

Lesson 3- Create a sculpture using bits of old rubbish.

Lesson 4- Create a recycling robot.


Christianity- 10 lessons






Similarities and differences



Clothing- 5 lessons


Timbre- 6 lessons


Screen Free Time

We all need time to unplug. While we all recognize the numerous benefits of mobile devices for children to learn at the moment, it’s equally important to remember the importance of screen-free time. Research has found that too much screen time can have a negative impact on children, affecting their sleep and eating habits, among other things. We would like children to have time to play and relax using other methods. Children need time to be able to explore their physical world, build their curiosity, and expand their imaginations. Therefore, as a school we are asking that you take an afternoon a week as screen-free time.

Click here are some ideas for you to use during this time.

Contact Us!

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to share with us please don't hesitate to email yearfour@moonsmoat.worcs.sch.uk and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

Other Useful Online Learning Links

Purple Mash and Espresso - Virginia Primary School Times Tables Rock Stars: Maths Competition - North Yorkshire Coast ... Bug Club Family
Hit the Button Maths game (yr 1-6) | Nailsworth CofE Primary School EducationCity Placements, Internships and Jobs - Company Profile |  RateMyPlacement Table Fables | Easy & fun way for children to learn Times Tables

Summer 2

This half term our topic is Sustainability.

 Earth with Recycle Symbol Clip Art - Earth with Recycle Symbol Image

We are going to be thinking about things we can do to help the environment for the future. We will also be taking part in transition work and completing some exciting experiments as part of our Science week. 

To find out more about our topic you can view our Sustainability Topic Web and our NEWSLETTER.


Summer 1

This half term our topic is World War Two. 

We are going to be busy researching all about evacuation, rationing and the Blitz as part of our topic work. We are also excited to be taking part in a WW2 online workshop from Real History Alive to tell us what life during World War Two was like. 


For more information about our topic you can view our WW2 Topic Web. 

Please click here to read our latest NEWSLETTER.


Spring 2

Our topic for this half term is Chocolate. We will be learning about the journey of chocolate, from cocoa bean to bar, Fairtrade, chocolate bar packaging and adverts.


For more information about our topic you can view our Chocolate Topic Web.

Please click here to read our latest NEWSLETTER.


Spring 1

Our topic for this half term is Ancient Egypt. We are going to be learning about who the Ancient Egyptians were, pyramids, mummification, hieroglyphics and their style of art. 

 For more information about our topic you can view our Ancient Egypt Topic Web

Click here to read our current NEWSLETTER


Autumn 2

This half term our topic is INVADERS AND SETTLERS! We are going to be learning all about the Vikings, including who they were, where they came from and what they did. 

Free Viking Clip Art with No Background - ClipartKey

For more information about our topic you can view our Vikings Topic Web.

Click here to read our current NEWSLETTER.

Autumn 1

Our topic for the first half term is going to be RAINFORESTS! Loop jungle monkey GIF on GIFER - by Nilune We are going to be learning where Rainforests are located, why they are so important to people and animals, and we will be thinking about some of the threats they face. 

For more information about our topic you can view our Rainforest Topic Web.

Click here to read our current NEWSLETTER

NOTICESAnimated Emoji | Symbols & Emoticons

Class LB will start at 8:50 and finish at 3:00

Class MW will start at 9:00 and finish at 3:10


Children are expected to come to school wearing their PE kit, including pumps/trainers, on their set PE day.

Class LB- Monday

Class MW- Thursday



We expect children to read at least 4 times each week. Children should bring their reading diary in each day.

We will also set a piece of homework each Friday, to be handed in by the following Friday. This should support the learning we have been doing in the classroom.

Homework Newsletter Autumn 1

We also continue to learn spellings and times tables each week.

At the end of the half term, we will reward children who have read and completed their homework consistently.



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