Welcome to Year 3!

In Year 3 our teachers are Mrs Priston (CP) and Mrs Moorhouse (RM). Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Clews and Miss Burns.


Our topic this half term is....

 You can now email us at year3@moonsmoat.worcs.sch.uk.


Please find our topic web here

You can read and download our Year 3 newsletter here. 



A suggested weekly timetable.


Please make sure that you have your workbook and pencil ready. Make sure that you are in a suitable space to listen to your teacher (not your bedroom) and that you are ready to learn. (Zoom guidelines)

If you are new to Zoom, please feel free to log in (on mute) a few minutes earlier and we can try and sort out any issues you have. Please see this guide to help you here.

Mrs Moorhouse's Zoom lessons will be at 9:30- 10am  and 10:30 -11am 

Mrs Priston's Zoom lessons will be at 10:30-11am  and 11:30 - 12pm.

See letters on Covid-19 pencil for meeting ID's and your text message for the room code. (Sent 8/1/21). Meeting IDs and logins for each meeting will remain the same. Check that you have used capital letters for the password.


Screen-free afternoons


We all need time to unplug. While we all recognise the numerous benefits of mobile devices for children to learn at the moment, it’s equally important to remember the importance of screen-free time. Research has found that too much screen time can have a negative impact on children, affecting their sleep and eating habits, among other things. We would like children to have time to play and relax using other methods. Children need time to be able to explore their physical world, build their curiosity, and expand their imaginations. Therefore, as a school we are asking that you take an afternoon a week as screen-free time. Here are some ideas for you to use during this time.

Click here for some screen-free activity ideas!


Useful resources

Please use these resources to help you with your home learning:

Tricky word Mat      Sound Mat    Noun Mat  Adjective Mat   Verb Mat  Adverb Mat

Contraction Mat  Conjunctions Mat    

Prepositional Phrase Mat                   Question words

Success Criteria Year 3 Writing

Success Criteria Non-Chronological reports

100 square   Cuisenaire rods  Fraction wall


Please don't worry if you don't have a printer at home, as there is no expectation for you to print any of the resources. Instead, you can write down what is needed in your workbook from school or on paper. 


Remember to search safely on the internet you should use a search engine like Kiddle




Week 1












You can access all of Joe Wicks' PE sessions by clicking here. 

For some yoga, mindfulness and relaxing activities for kids, take a look at Cosmic Kids by clicking here.

STORY TIME - At the end of the day listen to one of these stories from Oxford Owl: Click here.


Or you can watch some of the teachers reading stories.

The Owl who was afraid of the dark by Jill Tomlinson.     Mrs Moorhouse

We are aiming for a minimum of 4 reads a week. This is to ensure you make good progress, to help you learn to love reading and to support your writing skills.


Take a look at our Reading for Pleasure webpage for ideas on how to develop your child’s love of reading and suggestions for books to read together. Click here 



Reading websites we have been recommended:





This week's spellings can be found here:


Week 1 - to be tested on Friday 11th June

Week 2 - to be tested on Friday 18th June

Week 3 - to be tested on Friday 25th June

 Week 5 - to be tested on Friday 9th July

Week 6 - to be tested on Friday 16th July


For a useful website for practising spellings, click on the link below. Look for the spelling pattern in your group of words.



Have you tried out your new

Tables Fables login yet?

Click the image below!


It is important that you keep revising your times table knowledge. Try these:

x2 x3 x4 x5
x6 X7 x8 x9
x10 x11 x12
Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3 Challenge 4

The half term overview for homework can be found here.

If you need paper copies of the homework tasks, please email us and we can have them ready in the office to be collected on Friday after 1pm.


You can access all of Joe Wicks' PE sessions by clicking here. 

For some yoga, mindfulness and relaxing activities for kids, take a look at Cosmic Kids by clicking here.


Useful websites and learning platforms (click on the image to load)

Classroom Secrets Kids


Our Learning Journey so far...

Autumn 1:



Autumn 2:

Spring 1:

Spring 2

Click the following links to access archived documents:

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Topic Web



Click here to read the Year 3 FAQs

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