Forest School

Forest School Leader: M. Ridgard


Welcome to our Forest School area. 

At Moon’s Moat First School, our whole school aims to provide a learning environment where children can grow in confidence and self-esteem; where they develop self-worth and the need to care for their own and others feelings and belongings; and where they become part of the whole school and wider community. We aim to encourage our children to acquire increasing independence in self-discipline, self-organisation and in learning.

Forest School sessions at Moon’s Moat will provide opportunities for the children to:

  • Develop personal and social skills;
  • Explore the world through their senses;
  • Extend language and communication skills;
  • Regularly experience achievement and success;
  • Improve concentration skills;
  • Improve physical motor skills;
  • Pursue knowledge that interests them;
  • Develop problem solving;
  • Increase motivation to undertake a variety of tasks;
  • Learn useful skills;
  • Reflect on learning and experiences;
  • Explore connections between humans, wildlife and the earth;
  • Use tools to create and build;
  • Develop resilience;
  • Build confidence in decision making and evaluating risk. 

Children will have time and space to follow their own interests and test their own limits through play and use of tools. 

Some activities may take place at Forest School:

  • Den building (tarpaulin and rope) including knot tying;
  • Natural shelter building;
  • Fire lighting;
  • Tool use;
  • Wildlife studies;
  • Habitat development;
  • Playing team and group games;
  • Sensory activities;
  • Slacklining;
  • Cooking on an open fire;
  • Craft work;
  • Story telling;
  • Drama. 
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