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Miss Mazgajczyk is the Nursery Teacher, Mrs Reid is our Nursery Nurse and Mrs Burgoyne is the Foundation Stage Leader.


Please email nursery@moonsmoat.worcs.sch.uk or phone to contact us with any questions or queries.


Please share with us any photos, videos or notes of things that you do at home on Tapestry- we would love to see them!



In our nursery, your child will learn and explore through play and active learning. They are encouraged to follow their interests and develop their confidence, independence and self esteem. They will have a balance of adult led activities and child initiated activities during their sessions. We look forward to sharing your child's learning journeys with you as they learn and develop at home and at nursery. Please upload any photos of things that you do at home to Tapestry. We would love to see them!


Welcome to the Summer Term!

Our new topic is:


Reading at home


Nursery Home Learning 21.6.21


Here are some of the books that we will be reading. Why not take a look and share these stories together at home:

The Rainbow Fish https://youtu.be/r9mryuEKkKc 

Sharing a Shell https://youtu.be/aQ6SvbrEhvI 

Shark in the Park https://youtu.be/24cU53mBKWY 

Shark in the Park on a Windy Day https://youtu.be/R2RwvAHUAdc 

The Fish Who Could Wish https://youtu.be/nIfc9lsZPLQ 

Bright Stanley https://youtu.be/3gPQn8u8IGk 

Barry the Fish with Fingers https://youtu.be/jamBzIML79o 

Commotion in the Ocean https://youtu.be/Wop2O-4Tix8 

Tiddler: have a look at the front cover ideas Axel Scheffler's official website | Tiddler

Tiddler story: https://stpeters.ycst.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Tiddler-story-book.pdf 

Flotsam https://youtu.be/3MTKWnxzqvM 

Let us know which of these is your favourite story. Who are your favourite characters? What is your favourite part of the story?


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Have you been to the beach? Have you ever been to an aquarium? We'd love to hear about any sea animals that you have seen. Perhaps you have read a book or watched a film with some sea animals in- tell us all about it! Please let us know by sending an email to nursery@moonsmoat.worcs.sch.uk or via Tapestry. 




Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song - YouTube

Counting songs - BBC Teach

Play the Toy Shop money game (1p up to 10p)  Toy Shop Money Game

Can you find different ways to make 4, 5 and 6 using objects to help you?

Can you say when two groups of objects have got the same amount?

If you have got a dice at home, roll the dice and then count out that many objects. Perhaps your grown up could draw dots instead if you haven't got a dice.

Number Formation Rhyme Cards Practise recognising and writing numbers



Phonics and Writing

Jolly Phonics songs-Jolly Phonics Song "a-z" - YouTube

Choose a game to play from Phonics Play 

Practise writing your name 

Draw a picture of your favourite sea animal


Trolls dance  Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle - YouTube 

Cosmic Kids Yoga We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube


Sticky Kids

Sticky Kids - Stand Up, Sit Down - YouTube

 Sticky Kids - Let's Go Walking - YouTube

 Sticky Kids - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - YouTube

Sticky Kids - Funky Monkey - YouTube

Sticky Kids - Wind the Bobbin - YouTube

Sticky Kids - Fold Your Arms - YouTube


If You're Happy and You Know It If You're Happy and You Know It! | Barefoot Books Singalong - YouTube


Play Simon Says- you could take turns in giving instructions for different actions.


Build something out of Lego or bricks-show us a picture of what you have made?


Complete a jigsaw puzzle


Art activities

Can you draw, paint or make a collage of your favourite sea animal?



Reading for Pleasure 


 We love reading our favourite books and discovering new stories together. Please take a look at the Reading for Pleasure part of our website.  Reading For Pleasure




There is also a free audio book 'We Love You, Hugless Douglas'. Click on the picture below to listen together.



Click the banner below to find many more wonderful stories to listen to and watch together.




Screen Free Afternoon

We all need time to unplug. While we all recognize the numerous benefits of mobile devices for children to learn at the moment, it’s equally important to remember the importance of screen-free time. Research has found that too much screen time can have a negative impact on children, affecting their sleep and eating habits, among other things. We would like children to have time to play and relax using other methods. Children need time to be able to explore their physical world, build their curiosity, and expand their imaginations. Therefore, as a school we are asking that you take an afternoon a week as screen-free time. Here are some ideas for you to use during this time.


Click here for some activity ideas


W/C 22nd February


Numbers on clothes

The Elves and the Shoemaker Cutting skills

Clothes and matching body parts

Traditional clothes photos

Traditional clothes (more photos)

Design your own shoes

Stripy scarves repeating patterns

Stripy scarves repeating patterns- create your own

'm' pictures

The Elves and the Shoemaker Home Learning challenges


W/C 8th February

Colour challenge

Seren's Seasons Story

Seren's Seasons ordering

Shape cards-focus on square, rectangle, circle, triangle and pentagon

Shape sorting

'n' pictures

Animal movement cards

Mark making patterns

5 Little Snowmen Rhyme

Cold and Frosty Morning song

I'm a Little Penguin song

Dance around the Snowman song

Building blocks challenge


W/C 1st February

Copy Peppa


Express Yourself

Syllable clapping

Winter tracing

Number Hunt

i objects 

Colour Challenge

Number blocks activities

Supertato Science challenge


W/C 25th January

Toy Story Counting

Syllable Search

Number Formation Rhyme Cards

Syllable Search

Toys from the Past

Design your own Mr Potato Head

Cutting skills booklet

S, a, t sorting pictures

Animal noises bingo


W/C 18th January

The Old Toy Room story

The Old Toy Room colouring

Mood Monsters board game

Cup and ball activity

Animal flashcards



W/C 11th January 

Nursery Rhyme booklet: for your reference. There is no expectation to print this document.



Please share the activities that you do with us via email (nursery@moonsmoat.worcs.sch.uk) or on Tapestry. Please email us if you have any trouble accessing Tapestry.



Each week the children will take part in some cooking or food tasting. We would be very grateful for a voluntary contribution of £1 each half term to help this to take place. Thank you.


P.E. MORNING - Please dress your child in clothes and footwear suitable for PE.

Reading Books - We change the children's reading books on a Friday so please bring your reading books to Nursery in your child's book bag on this day. 


Autumn Two

Welcome to a new half term! Our topic is:


The children will be learning about: Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Children in Need, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Please see our topic web and newsletter for more information.

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Spring One

The children will be learning about toys through a variety of stories, including Old Bear, Toy Story, Lost in the Toy Museum, Dogger and The Old Toy Room. They will also learn about toys from the past, design a toy, talk about their favourite toys and also talk about toys that they used to play with when they were a baby. More learning information can be found in the newsletter and topic web below.                   Newsletter

Topic Web


Spring Two-Clothes



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